Right Now

One very lazy Saturday afternoon I was listening to music on YouTube and stumbled across the lovely voice of Gwen Bunn, a 21-year old singer/songwriter/producer from Decatur, Georgia.  I don’t know exactly what it is about her music but I was instantly caught up.  Once I got beyond the beauty of her voice I was able to really let the lyrics of her songs sink in.  One song in particular, Right Now from her EP The Verdict stands out for me.  In the song she implores a lover to not be so hesitant and to love her today, right now infact.  


Here listen:


One too many times we fall and gotta get up, get up

I’ve had about all I can take without being loved, enough

And I say maybe we should talk, you never agree, with me

But when we finally do, you always respond so hesitantly,

And then you leave, cause you don’t want to cause anymore problems

But if we talk we’ll probably solve them

If you could only see, exactly what I need

You’d see nothing but love and that’s enough


I want you to love me (right, right now)

Love me (right, right now)

Love me (right, right now)

Love me today.


I would say that it is a rare occurence for me to get so wrapped up in a song but I started to reflect on the lyrics.  Where Gwen is speaking to her lover, I thought about who was getting in my way and ultimately I ended up back at me.  My own doubts, fears and insecurities often hold me back from taking uncalcuated risks.  I made the decision not too long ago to start this blog Two The Write Way with the homie Candia.  My godmother remarked recently that I seem to like projects and while that may be partially true I don’t have that intention with this blog.  I just needed to carve out a small space of the internets where I can share my opinions, beliefs and experiences, in an honest way.  Gwen Bunn’s song is the melody I needed to find to speak directly to those doubts and fears.  

One too many times we fall and gotta get up, get up

I’ve had about all I can take without being loved, enough

Could you stop being selfish and be selfless

It’ll help this situation that we’re stuck in

For nothing, there’s no reason for fussing

You say you’re tired of screaming I say hush then

We obviously need some adjusting

I’m willing to fix it but oh, you gotta be willing to listen


The time for taking chances, living out loud and being seen is right now.  Right, right now.  Thanks Gwen.  

 – Sheri


Bow Ties and Good Times

So roughly a week ago, on the fourth day of January, in the year of our Lord 2014, Idris Elba decided to crash Twitter. He turned to Beyonce and said, “I see your visual album King Bey, and raise you a pic of me in a bow tie setting a thirst trap for the ladies as far as the eye can see”. Now if that doesn’t scream obvious pic for the next James Bond, then I don’t know what does. And so, if at least for the next hour or so, (most) women were (stimulated) happy.

Now, some men didn’t seem too pleased with the situation. They were some of the first to use the term “Thirsty” (see reference above to thirst trap), in an effort to shame us ladies into thinking that our behaviour was demoralizing. To this I say, why can’t you just let us have our fun? It’s actually not as rare as you think that women get together for these discussions, it’s just rare that you boys are privy to it. Twitter is a beautiful thing as it gives us ladies a global voice, yet at the same time, anonymity…

Recall, if you will, a time (and I know there are many) when you were in the company of both sexes, yet felt it necessary to comment on the assets of a certain member of the fairer sex. Now switch the gender roles. We are doing the same thing. I don’t care what people say, women are just as visual as men.

So the next time you want to get salty because the attention of the women in your life is firmly focused on some dude other than yourself, think long and hard (no pun intended, oh hell who am i fooling pun intended!) on why that is so. In other words…

Don’t Hate. Emulate.